Final Project Update

Hi everyone!

Now that it’s almost the end of the year, I wanted to give an update on my final project. I’ve finished putting together my booklet about learning differences with all of my illustrations, and I’ve gotten some feedback on it. Now, I’m starting to think about and prepare for my presentation to the upper school faculty, which will be at the beginning of May. Learning differences are a very relevant topic in schools, which is why I thought my work in this independent study would be important to share with the faculty. I’m reflecting a lot on the most important parts of my study and figuring out the most valuable pieces of information to share. I’m also talking with Ms. Rogers this week to get her input. I’m quite nervous about presenting but also very excited to share my work! 

Thanks for following along with my progress. It’s super exciting to see all of my work from throughout the year finally come together. I will give an update later about my final presentation, and I will be sure to share the final version of my booklet here soon!