Quarter 3 Reflection

Hello all! Since it is nearly the end of quarter three, here is my reflection on my progress so far!

Throughout my independent study, I have learned so much about the brain, the neurobiology of learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD, and how to translate what I’ve learned about the brain into illustrations. I have even learned new ways to create illustrations; I’ve learned how to use a Wacom Tablet to create digital art on Photoshop, and I’ve learned how to create some simple animations as well, which I was not expecting to learn when I began in the fall. Since I’ve been doing this study all year, I definitely feel like I have gotten in a good rhythm with my work and figured out how to manage my time well. 

I’ve actually stuck to my initial plan for this semester pretty closely; I’ve been putting together a draft of my digital illustration booklet about learning disabilities. Looking ahead, I’ll be working on refining my booklet. And I’m planning on presenting it to the faculty soon, so I’ll need to think about how to best present my project. I’m quite nervous about presenting my work and a bit stressed about getting everything together, but it’s also pretty exciting. I feel like one other thing I need to think about is tailoring my booklet to a specific audience. I feel like I want it to be useful for younger people (like middle schoolers) who might just be diagnosed with a learning disability, but I also want it to be useful for adults like parents and teachers, and figuring out how to make it accessible to both groups is challenging. For all these reasons, I’m working on getting some feedback from other people on my project.

Thanks for reading! Seeing all of my work from throughout the year finally come together feels very rewarding, and I’m super excited to share it with others!

One thought to “Quarter 3 Reflection”

  1. Alex, it’s exciting to see your work evolving, and I look forward to your faculty presentation. Have you communicated with Mr. Wilson and/or Mr. Meredith about that yet?
    And I wonder if it would be harder or easier to create two (or three) versions of your booklet. I can imagine one for teachers and high school students, and one for Middle School students. If the illustrations and organization stay the same, would it be possible to adjust text to suit the audience?

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