Progress Update

Hello everyone!

Now that I’m (somewhat) getting back into the rhythm of school after spring break, I wanted to give an update on my independent study. This week and over spring break, I made a lot of progress on putting together my booklet draft. I want this booklet to be useful to people who might not know a lot about the brain, including kids, and so far it’s been quite challenging to figure out the most important pieces of information to include and to make everything super clear. Still, it’s exciting to see all of my work from the year come together!  

On a different note, I found some really interesting and useful new resources. I watched a fantastic Ted-Ed video that I think explained Dyslexia very well. Another useful resource I read is an article about “Putting Neuroscience in the Classroom” that describes the emerging field of “educational neuroscience.” It explained how understanding the brain is critical in schools and that collaboration between schools and neuroscientists can help create more effective and individualized teaching. Neurobiology can be beneficial for supporting students’ learning, creativity, and problem-solving skills and for helping teachers understand individual students’ learning needs. Especially for students with learning disabilities, tailoring educational support to how each kid’s brain works can lead to positive changes and significant improvement. I thought this was a really cool article because it connects what I’m interested in and care about– neurobiology and learning differences– in a really cohesive and factual way to explain why understanding the brain is such a relevant topic in schools.

Thanks for catching up with me this week. Check out the gallery in the sidebar to see my illustrations!

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  1. Alex, it has been a great honor to work with you throughout the year and watch your independent study evolve. I am positive that your presentation to the Upper School faculty will be well received. You are truly a remarkable talent.

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