Mid-Quarter 3 Reflection

Hello all!

Since it’s already the middle of the third quarter, it’s time to reflect on my independent study! So far this semester, I’m staying on track with original my proposal– I’m continuing to work on my illustrations, and I’m still planning on composing a booklet with my art and research about learning disabilities. I feel like I’ve done a good job managing my time and working consistently on my study each week. Since I’ve already been doing it for a whole semester, I feel like I’ve gotten into a good rhythm. My free is C period, so I’ve learned that forcing myself to wake up every morning to work on my study during this time helps me carve out time for my study and stay on top of my work. 

I have really enjoyed the new path I’ve taken with digital art. I’ve made many illustrations with the Wacom art tablet, and I’m excited to continue working on them. I was originally struggling to figure out the best way to explore animations, but I’ve realized that creating these on Photoshop might be the best solution, and I’ve watched some tutorials about how to do this. I’m also looking forward to the independent study exhibition on February 22nd where I will be presenting on this independent study and Connecting Kids with Art, a program I created over the summer where I taught virtual art classes for kids with special needs. 

Through my study this year, I’ve learned that learning is not always about reading articles and studying facts. Instead, a lot of learning comes from actually doing and creating. I love art, and creating artwork in this study has allowed me to see art from a new interdisciplinary and educational perspective. Sure, lots of research and reading has also gone into my work in order to understand the neurobiology behind my illustrations, but being creative is what enables me to expand my thinking beyond what I could simply read in an article or find on the internet.   

Thank you so much for reading and for following along with my study!

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  1. Alex, doing what you love always makes the work go more smoothly. Your passion for art and neurobiology shines through your third quarter reflection. Job well done! I am looking forward to hearing your presentation on February 22 and to seeing your final brochure.

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