Semester 2 Update

Hello everyone!

I’m thrilled to continue working on my independent study this semester! I just added my second semester proposal to the “Study Overview” page on my blog, and this is just an update on what I’m doing so far. I have so many new ideas that I’m excited to explore!

First of all, I have begun working on my digital booklet of the neurobiology of learning disabilities. Figuring out the design and organization of the book is exciting and also quite challenging because I want it to be both informative and engaging to those who read it, and I want to make it accessible to those who don’t have any background knowledge of neuroscience. 

Also, I just picked up a Wacom Tablet from the IT office, which is an art tablet that I’m going to try out to create digital illustrations. I already know how to use Photoshop at least, but this is still something I’m quite unfamiliar with, but I’m ready to explore!

I’m super excited to do all of this and share it with you all! I hope you’ll follow along with the second half of my journey!

One thought to “Semester 2 Update”

  1. So glad you got the tablet, Alex! I hope it will expand your options for sharing art and knowledge with your fans.

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