Semester 1 Reflection

The opportunity to dive into medical illustration this semester has been incredibly exciting, and I have really enjoyed getting to explore a topic that interests me so much. The academic independence of an independent study is completely unlike a traditional class, so it has been rewarding to gain a deeper understanding of how I learn and work independently. I love finding connections across disciplines, and my independent study has allowed me to explore my interdisciplinary interests– I have been able to link art, psychology, human anatomy, and even math.

Even though it is the end of the semester, I don’t feel like I’m quite ready to say goodbye to my independent study. There are things I want to continue working on and more topics I want to explore. So, I’ve decided to continue my study in the second semester! I’m currently working on putting together my proposal for the next chapter of my study for the Academic Committee.

Future plans for my study:

Besides my proposal, I’m working on putting together a pamphlet about learning disabilities using my illustrations that will be a culmination of everything I’ve learned and created this semester. I want my pamphlet to promote neurodiversity and to benefit kids and parents to help people better understand learning differences. I initially wanted to get it finished before the semester ends, but I was much busier than I anticipated over winter break, so I would rather wait and give my project the effort it deserves rather than rushing to finish. Anyway, I would love to find people who could potentially benefit from this pamphlet, so I may reach out to doctors, practicing medical illustrators, and parents to find where this pamphlet might be useful. 

Another exciting development in my study has been my recent experimentation with animation on Desmos. I am not familiar with animation, but we use Desmos all the time in math class to graph functions, and my math teacher, Ms. McCain, created a Desmos animation to explain a new concept, which is what gave me the idea. Now, I think I would like to continue exploring digital art with my future illustrations– maybe I’ll try out some digital art programs like Procreate and even work on creating more animations of the brain. I think this is an important step in my independent study, not only because of how interdisciplinary it is, but also because modern medical illustrations are almost entirely digital.

I’m excited to explore this new path next semester, and I hope you’ll follow along with me on the next steps of my journey!