Quick Update


This past week I have focused a lot on the brain, learned about mental health, and experimented with some different ways to draw it. From my talk with Dr. Luks, I have learned that medical illustration is not really about being completely precise or accurate. If it was, taking detailed photographs would be much easier. Instead, medical illustration is much more about describing a part of the human body to communicate an idea and convey a concept and reducing the subject matter down to the most important information. So this is what I’m focusing on now with my drawings. 

I’m also looking into different neurologic conditions to determine what specific topic I really want to hone in on in the weeks to come. 

This is just a short update on my progress, but feel free to check out my Illustration Gallery in the sidebar to see what I’ve made. Here, I update my work frequently along the way!

One thought to “Quick Update”

  1. Alex, good for you for reaching out to Dr. Luks. I love the way his remarks align with your beautiful illustrations. As a person committed to words, I want to push back just a little on the “Ikea principle,” though. I don’t know much about neurons and neurotransmitters, and I’d like to understand more about what’s going on in your most recent image. Would captions be a possibility?

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