Reflecting on My Study

Hello everyone!

I’ve been reflecting a lot on my progress this weekend, thinking about what I’ve done so far, and brainstorming where I want to go next with my study. In the next few weeks, I would like to narrow my focus a little bit because I’ve been exploring Medical Illustration more broadly in the past weeks, which was helpful to get an overview of the topic, but it could also be a bit overwhelming. I’m really interested in the brain, especially since I’m taking AP Psychology right now, so I’m inspired to connect what I’m learning with my independent study. So I would like to focus more specifically on this topic in the weeks to come and really dive into it in depth.

Medical Illustration is something that I find incredibly interesting, so since there’s no actual class on this topic at DA, it’s been so exciting to create my own “class” just for me. And this is a totally new learning experience where I’m able to dive into exactly what interests me. This independence is really exciting and empowering even though it can also be overwhelming at times. And sometimes I feel like I could work for hours straight on an illustration, but other times it is more difficult to be inspired. So, for the most part, I work 5-7 hours per week, but sometimes I can work much longer and sometimes I work shorter. I think laying out a plan over the weekend with my goals for the week ahead is something that would help me stay focused and keep me moving forward.

So far, I’ve learned that reflecting, readjusting, and evolving are all significant pieces of learning. These are skills that extend beyond simply studying the material; these are skills you have to practice and experience first-hand. 

Thanks for reading! I will be posting a more traditional post about what I’ve been doing next week!

3 thoughts to “Reflecting on My Study”

  1. Alex, I am looking forward to talking with you about your experience on Thursday September 24. From what I have read, it sound as if you have made a significant decision by narrowing your topic down to focus on the brain. I also like the connection this will have with your current class work in AP Psychology. Some of the imaging studies of the brain have produced remarkably beautify illustration because of the florescent staining techniques used.

  2. Alex, I’m happy to report that the “Email Subscribers” widget is now working, so this is a great time to recruit followers and encourage them to engage with you via comments (like this one) or face-to-face conversations. Will we get to see your actual pen-on-paper works at any point? I’d love that.

    1. Hi Ms. Bessias, you can find all of my work so far in the “Illustration Gallery” in the sidebar.

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