Drawing Update

Hello all!

I enjoyed researching medical illustration so much the first week, but this week, I really wanted to begin drawing! 

I started by exploring a collection of anatomy books by medical illustrator Frank Netter for reference and inspiration and watching a couple crash courses on human anatomy. I also followed along with some videos from a youtube playlist called “Anatomy of the Human Body for Artists” by Proko that go over the basics of drawing anatomy. I started studying joints and bones using the videos, which explained strategies to simplify the forms of the body into their most basic components in order to really understand the proportions. I then wanted to learn about drawing the internal organs, so, using references, I drew the heart and lungs as well as an eye. 

As an artist, being able to draw the human body is incredibly important. So even though I’ve drawn lots of people in the past and learned about proportions from figure drawing, I’ve never really learned about deeper human anatomy or become familiar with drawing it. Even though it was different from what I usually draw, it was incredibly fascinating to be able to see and understand the human body from a completely different perspective.

Thank you for reading, and be sure to check out the “Illustration Gallery” to see all of my drawings!

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  1. You describe a fascinating learning process here, Alex. I did find the “Art Gallery” page after overlooking it initially. So many beautiful, detailed pieces! I think you’re going to run out of space before long. Have you considered using the Gallery widget? You can get there from the “Customize” link at the top of this page (when you’re logged in).

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