Hello and welcome to my blog!

Here, I will be exploring Medical Illustration. Medical illustrations are everywhere, and they are created to record and explain the human body through art.

I have always loved the visual arts, but I also know that the definition of an artist extends way beyond simply stroking paint onto paper and that creativity isn’t confined to art class. And even though I consider myself to be an artist, I don’t want to limit myself to one thing. Instead, I’m interested in learning about so many different topics, seeing the creativity in “non-artistic” subjects, and finding ways to merge them with my art.

Last year, I explored the abstract beauty of the brain in my AP Studio Art portfolio, which then inspired me to study neurobiology in more depth over the summer. This really made me think about the link between art and science, specifically the human body, which is why medical illustration is so fascinating to me. I really wanted a chance to explore the various ways that art can be applied to different situations and used to benefit people, which is what I plan to do in my independent study. 

I am so excited to begin, and I hope you enjoy following along with me on my journey!

One of my paintings inspired by the brain from last year. I plan to continue exploring the human body in my study but with more focus on anatomy and accuracy.